The abstract is a vital part of your paper. There is no way you can write a thesis or dissertation without including an abstract. It should always come at the beginning of the document and not any other place. You have to write it correctly because most examiners concentrate on it. It shows what someone should expect in your work, so it is great to give it maximum attention. If you want your paper to go a long way, you have to put your all into this part. It is majorly a summary of your thesis. It brings out all the vital points in your piece in a correct manner.

It has to go hand in hand with your thesis title. There is no other way you can write it if there is no connection. The abstract you write will prepare the reader on what to expect in your work. If it was shallow and poorly written, there is no way the reader will be impressed. It is a section that can make a reader give up on your piece and move to the next. To avoid all that, you have to put in work. It has to stand out for your thesis paper when time and space are not enough.

The Structure and Size

Do not think that for you to have a proper abstract, you need to have many words. If you are working on a Master’s thesis, it is excellent to go with 150 words. If you are supposed to write 150 words, try as much as you can not exceed. You have to do the right thing to avoid any penalties. It can be challenging to write the exact words but try as much as you can. There is a reason as to why you have to go with that number. If you are supposed to write a Doctoral dissertation, you will have to go with 350 words. In this case, you have to be careful to use the correct number depending on your doing. If you are not sure, you can take your time and ask not to make any mistakes.

You have to ensure that the reader can see your work correctly. If you are writing a doctoral dissertation, you have to double-space your work for clarity. The structure you use in this section should not be different from the one you use in your thesis. They should be similar and also bring out the main elements correctly. Your idea will need to have five chapters. You will have to start with the introduction and end with the conclusion. Do not try to add your chapters because it does not work that way. You have to follow the correct format without fail.

Specify Your Research Questions

The research questions are efficient because they ensure that your abstract makes a lot of sense. You have to present all of them in the beginning and not anywhere else. You have more than three questions on your paper, and there is no way you can include all of them. You can choose the ones that are appropriate and retain them. If you only have one or two, you can add all of them without choosing.

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